A Statement, Not a Trend: These Celebrities are Addressing Body Positivity in Brave and Bold Strives

Thu Jan 27 2022

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Crop Top

Flaunt the folds and cheer on the cellulite, your body is beautiful with every wrinkle and curve! Finally and thankfully, your favorite singers, athletes, and icons are putting an end to body shaming and speaking out on embracing all that comes with every inch of your body.

From album covers with modest nudity to confident Instagram pictures in bikinis, Lizzo is one of the poster girls for body positivity and inclusivity. Everything from her wardrobe to her song lyrics reflects her views about how everyone should be comfortable with the skin they’re in. Creating a revolution, Lizzo leads the way for other celebs to speak out and against body shaming and continue the conversation on body positivity.

With the constant pressure of trying to fit in, the phrase “fit in” is being taken way too literally. The need to fit into the perfect pant, dress, or bra size is exhausting, emotionally crippling, and incredibly overwhelming. Luckily, the world was blessed with Jonathan Van Ness (aka JVN) who’s here to say not to fit in but just fit.

As someone who struggled with an eating disorder, JVN has opened up about his challenges with food and his own self-image. He is also an advocate and a constant reminder that both men and women are confronted with body image issues. However, Jonathan can rock a crop top better than most, and regardless of the season. His ease with his diverse wardrobe and fearlessness from the camera are serious #goals that everyone should aspire for.

Hot Girl Meg has a Whole New Meaning to her Name

After mobilizing the hashtag #HotGirlSummer from her album release of Fever in May of 2019, it’s no surprise that Megan Thee Stallion has revolutionized yet another hashtag promoting self-confidence. With her new hit single “Body” being released, this triggered an unprecedented wave of TikTok users to create a dance challenge with choreography reflecting the love they have for their own bodies, #BodyChallenge.

The latest dance challenge showcases individuals wearing swimsuits or form-fitting clothes to highlight all the features of their body that they’re proud of. These body parts or areas might also be places that some would be too nervous to show in public but now are empowered to do so because of Megan’s song. Let the message ring loud and clear, Megan Thee Stallion will continue to be her real authentic self and will encourage all her fans to do the same.

From Runway to Reality

Plus-size model Ashley Graham is taking away the emphasis on being a plus-size model to just being a model – and we are here for it! From standing her ground by refusing to be retouched in photos, to calling out designers who have limited size ranges for clothing, Graham is living proof of utilizing her platform to fight for her place in the fashion world.

The courage and leadership Ashley demonstrates has made her a role model for the current generation. By being so transparent on her social media platforms, allows her fans and followers to connect on a more personal level, bringing some reality of her situation to coincide with their everyday struggles. The fashion industry could use more Ashley Graham’s in the world – real, strong, beautiful women.

Toned and Tenacious

Serena Williams is fierce, both on and off the court. Her intense year-round training instilled a sense of drive and determination that can’t be matched. So when it comes to topics that are important to her, she’ll stop at nothing to make that message clear – especially when it comes to loving you for you.

In the eye of the public, Serena knows what it’s like to constantly be criticized, especially when it comes to her looks. She stands firm in her belief that “you have to love you, and if you don’t love you, no one else will. And if you do love you, people will see that, and they’ll love you too.” Now, this shouldn’t just be a message, but a mantra to everyone, everywhere.