The Many Faces of Fashion: This Is the Style Icon That Reigned Supreme the Year You Were Born

One of the best ways to see the changing face of fashion is to check out what Tinseltown’s most iconic celebrities were wearing each year. From Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy, these style icons inspired a generation of fans and a worldwide community of fashion lovers. But who was the fashionista that reigned supreme when you were born? And what were they wearing? It might not be who you think.

The Peacock Chair: How the Unlikeliest of Props Became a Pop Culture Statement

The peacock chair has taken its seat in history, the wicker style furniture was popular during the Victorian era, and has been around for thousands of years. So how did this unlikely pop culture prop start becoming the ultimate fashion accessory for high society people and celebrities alike?

The Official Icon of the 90s: Our Timeless Obsession With Jennifer Aniston

Since her debut on the hit series Friends back in 1994, until now, over a decade and a half later, our love for Jennifer Aniston is unwavering. We have looked up at her like we do an older sister for hair and style inspiration, and followed as she blossomed through her adult life. Here are five reasons why we will always be “Team Jen.”

Not Just a Pretty Face, These Supermodels Are Really Just Nerds On the Inside

These beautiful women are paving the way and proving that even models can be super nerdy. We know that a lot of the intimidatingly gorgeous women who walk the catwalks often have careers outside of the fashion industry but we weren’t expecting these girls to be writing code and speaking at the United Nations. But that’s our bad, and these girls are helping break down those stereotypes and assumptions we make.

Clothing Swaps – The Sustainable Fashion Trend You Need to Try

Clothing swaps have become increasingly popular in recent years, and honestly, we don’t know how this didn’t become a trend sooner! The concept itself isn’t new, it actually originated in San Franciso back in 1994, but the idea has become significantly more popular in recent years. Perhaps we can credit people’s newfound interest in clothing […]

How Safety Pins Helped Elizabeth Hurley Make History and Become a Hollywood Icon

Ahhh, 1994. We remember it well. It was the year Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson, it was the year that we said goodbye to Kurt Cobain, and it was the year that Elizabeth Hurley made history at a movie premiere for a movie she wasn’t even in. How? Well, it was all thanks to that dress. At Popular Everything, we’re diving into how a few safety pins and some black fabric transformed Elizabeth Hurley from a nobody into a Hollywood icon.

Ashley Graham’s Love Story Brings Gwyneth Paltrow To Tears

Ashley Graham’s love story is not typical. The model opened up about her struggles with self-worth and dating. She eventually shares her sweet story about falling in love with her husband and it brought Gwyneth Paltrow to tears.

Kate Moss Beams With Pride As Her Daughter Lila Models Runway Fashion Just Like She Did in the 90s

Supermodel Kate Moss, 46, took the fashion world by storm in the nineties. And now it looks as though her only daughter Lila Grace is about to do the same at only 18 years old. The teenager made her runway debut in October 2020 at the Miu Miu catwalk, and her mommy Moss has been cheering her on from the side the whole time. Just recently, Lila walked the catwalk once more for the Richard Quinn show and cocktail party during London Fashion Week 2021, and her start to the modeling world is eerily familiar to that of her mom’s.

Celebrating Heritage Through Sci-Fi: Everything You Need to Know About Afrofuturism and It’s Importance Today

You might not know it yet, but you’ve likely had many run-ins with the concept of Afrofuturism. At Popular Everything, we’re bringing you a necessary overview of the philosophy and aesthetic whose growing interest sees it further represented across the spectrum and acknowledged as important. Music, fashion, art, and film – Afrofuturism has exploded on to the scene of mainstream media and we’re grateful it’s being seen. Today, it defines conversations or depictions of the African diaspora in a futuristic context. But more than just representing Black people in science fiction, it imagines a future where African/Afrodiasporic culture is celebrated.