Dr. Phil’s Explicit and Controversial Guests Have Kept His Show Running for So Long

May 9, 2022

Dr. Phillip McGraw rose to fame as a conservative talk-show host, helping people across the USA get their heads on right. In some cases, though, it seems like Dr. Phil only wanted to stir the pot and create drama that his viewers won’t be able to forget for generations on end. It’s like he knows the secret sauce to make a show unlike any other.

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It’s Not an Act: These Celebrity Couples Could Not Resist Their On-Set Chemistry

March 27, 2022

We all know meeting the “one” doesn’t necessarily come easy. It happens by chance. Throughout our lives, we meet people in many circumstances. Whether it is school, place of worship, work, or even at the grocery store; and the chance you will fall in love with that person is quite slim.

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These Celebrities Get Paid Ridiculous Amounts of Money Just to Post One Picture

March 2, 2022

Social media has become one big advertising space thanks to influencers and celebrities. Brands pay big-time A-listers to promote their products, and all they have to do is post a photo or video of them using the item. But what you might not know is that this is a highly lucrative business. Companies will pay celebs six or seven figures for these endorsements, but the exact number truly depends on the person. So, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most expensive celebrity of them all?

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That Time Harrison Ford Was a Roadie For The Doors

December 29, 2021

When you’re a seasoned Hollywood star like Harrison Ford, it’s safe to say that every aspect of your life has been obsessively documented and captured by the media. So, just when we thought we knew everything about the Hollywood icon and his meteoric rise to fame, we’ve stumbled on some rare footage that challenged everything. In this rare clip from the ’80s, Harrison talked about the time he was once a roadie for the Doors, and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it all.

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These Country Singers’ Wives Aren’t the Perfect Southern Belles They Pretend To Be

December 29, 2021

Pop culture has given us a variety of wives. Look to any sport or any music genre and you’ll be sure to see a pattern: everyone has a type. From groupies to baby mamas, every guy across the entertainment industry has a sweet spot for a girl who loves to start some drama.

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When Harry Met Sally: A Love Story That Taught Us Anything Is Possible

December 14, 2021

When Harry Met Sally is one of the most iconic romantic comedies of the 1980s. This love story taught us a thing or two about men and women maintaining a friendship without any expectations. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal come together to celebrate the film’s 30 year debut. Popular Everything takes a look at why this monumental movie makes us believe in true love.

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How Seinfeld Almost Didn’t Happen, All Because of Larry David’s Antics

December 1, 2021

When Seinfeld first aired in the late 1980s, the iconic “show about nothing” was crowned as one of the most successful TV sitcoms of all time. The show was co-created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfield, and was filled with awkward social situations, faux pas and cringe-worthy moments. It later emerged that this was one of the reasons that Seinfeld almost didn’t happen at all. So let’s go back to the beginning.

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The Real Reason Farrah Fawcett Quit Charlie’s Angels After The First Season

October 26, 2021

In 1976, Farrah Fawcett landed her dream role as private detective Jill Munroe in the hit series Charlie’s Angels. The show became a cultural phenomenon and it propelled her to instant stardom. Before she knew it, Farrah reached dizzy heights of popularity and became the pin-up girl of the 70s. Farrah then shocked everyone with the bombshell that she was suddenly quitting the show. So let’s delve into the reasons and factors that contributed to her decision to quit.

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Who Is Jung Ho-yeon? Everything You Need To Know About the Squid Games Starlet

September 27, 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know that the world can’t stop talking about Squid Games. This new edition to Netflix is a Korean survival drama series that sees cash-strapped individuals battle it out to win a huge lump sum of money that would change their lives. Much of this show’s success is all thanks to Jung Ho-yeon, who played the character Kang Sae-byeok. But what is she like in real life?

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