The Untold Story of Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Her Younger Sister Lee

Jackie O. and her sister Lee were easily a couple of the most glamorous women on the planet. The two seemed like the best of friends, as far as the public was concerned. But what the public didn’t know was that they had a bitter rivalry between them, and in hindsight, we can see why. It came as a shock to many to learn that Jackie left her supposedly dear sister out of her will. But, for those who know the real story, it wasn’t shocking news at all. People close to the Kennedys knew just how toxic things were between the two. Siblings often get competitive, but these sisters took things to a whole new level.

A Bermuda Triangle Mystery: The Cargo Ship That Disappeared Almost a Century Ago Has Finally Been Discovered

One of Bermuda’s very first tragedies to occur was when this ship called the SS Cotopaxi mysteriously disappeared with all its crew members aboard. However, 95 years later, it was surprisingly found floating around Cuba. On November 29, 1925, the Cotopaxi left the port in Charleston, South Carolina, heading for Cuba with a large cargo containing coal. But she sadly never arrived. The last messages received from their ship were wireless distress signals on December 1, 1925, two days after leaving Charleston.

Packers vs. Chiefs 1967: the First Super Bowl In History

Super Bowl LIV was an absolute blast. With no shortage of white-knuckle moments and reversals of fortune, it had us clenching our seats the whole time. The halftime show was also amazing. J.Lo and Shakira really tackled it beautifully. But the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the US, wasn’t always this huge. Join us for a flashback to 1967 to see what the first Super Bowl in history looked like.

The Man That Invented the Iconic Pink Flamingo Was Just as Colorful as You Would Expect

One of the most fascinating people who’s taken the internet by storm recently is Donald Featherstone, the inventor of the pink plastic flamingo! In order to pay tribute to this legend, Popular Everything is taking you through how this eccentric inventor came up with his idea in the first place, and how his remarkable legacy still remains super strong to this day.

Odd Tales of the 1904 Olympic Marathon Mark It as History’s Most Unusual Race

The Olympic Marathon in 1904 is hands down the most bizarre in history. What went down in the competition sounds a lot like a clever plot for a movie, but it’s all true.

Why Taco Bell Failed in Mexico, the Birth-place of the Taco

Taco Bell has left its mark in countries all over the world. The Mexican food seems to be a hit everywhere other than the place that inspired its menu; Mexico. Here’s the ironic history of the food chains failed attempts to make Taco Bell a hit amongst Mexican citizens.

A Fan Once Left a Baby Called Jolene on Dolly Parton’s Doorstep

Dolly Parton is perhaps one of the most iconic country singers of all time. But that’s not all she is. She’s also a philanthropist, businesswoman, actress, writer, and wife. And while she has also risen to fame as the godmother of Miley Cyrus, she’s never had any children of her own. But what you might not realize is that Dolly has come close to having a child of her own before. That’s because a fan once left a baby right on her doorstep…

The Colorful Reason Why Lithuanians Are Grateful for the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead and the Lithuanian basketball team are probably one of the best collaborations in both music and sports history. No one could forget the 1962 Centennial Olympic Games when Grateful Dead fans and Lithuanian basketball fans wore the same colors. Although a memorable moment, not many know the heartwarming origin behind this occurrence. If you’re a sucker for an underdog story, this one is for you.

Why This Iconic Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Held a Bitter Truth

Who remembers the infamous subway grate picture of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe? This may seem like a highlight in the star’s career, but the personal issues she was dealing with proved this to be a moment she never forgot, for all the wrong reasons.

Happily N’Ever After? 25+ Vintage Photos of Hollywood Legends on Their Wedding Day

These vintage wedding pictures have riveting stories behind them from a day and age where things were totally different from today. Then, marriages were involved in crazy conspiracies, including murder stories, affairs, marriage for fame, or kids solely in love. Nowadays, we only hear about these big names like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, but what we don’t know is what lies beneath the surface.