Ever Since Larsa Divorced Scottie Pippen Her Personal Life Has Been a Messy Ordeal

Since Larsa stepped out with married NBA player Malik Beasley in December 2020, she’s been making headlines. She split with her NBA star husband Scottie Pippen in 2016 and it was just the start of a rocky road ahead. Since then, she’s been in and out of several relationships, even with her ex-husband. Lately, Larsa has been involved in scandal after scandal, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

Secret Engagement Man: Prankster Boyfriend Proposes Every Day for a Month and His Girlfriend Never Even Noticed

One man went above and beyond in his unique proposal idea. Edi Okoro devised the perfect way to make girlfriend Cally Read’s proposal special, by asking for her hand in marriage every day for a month without her knowing! At Popular Everything, we follow Edi’s unique proposal which made this couple’s engagement story one of a kind!

Take a Look Inside the Most Expensive Home in America That Overlooks Central Park

When billionaire Ken Griffin paid $238million dollars for a penthouse suite in 2019, he had made the largest ever purchase for a home in the United States. The apartment (if you can still call it that) is located in a residential skyscraper that sits right beside New York City’s Central Park. But Ken’s particular lot sits right above everyone else, looking down into the park from 950 feet. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the city, making it highly exclusive and sought after. Basically, it’s like living in the ultimate vacation resort.

The Urban Legend is True: People Do Sprinkle Their Loved One’s Ashes in Disneyland/World

Sorry to ruin all the fun, but The Happiest Place on Earth has a catch. Sprinkling ashes of a loved one in Disney is not a rare occurrence. People want their loved ones to end up in a happy place, so they choose Disney. Here is the truth and nothing but the truth. Read this only if you really want to know what’s going on.

Have We Found A Cure for HIV? Stem Cell Donation Proves Huge Success

Hopes of a cure for HIV have never been higher after a second patient was successfully cured through a bone marrow transplant. It’s already been over ten years since the first victory for this case. That’s right, 2006 marked a pivotal moment where Timothy Brown from the United States got shipped to Berlin. What did he do there? None other than trump the deadly virus, for the first-ever time. So, how did this remarkable breakthrough happen? Find out here.

12-Year-Old Student Wins $20,000 for Inventing Life-Saving Technology

Lydia Denton, a 12 year old student won the grand prize of $20,000 at this year’s CITGO Fueling Education Student Challenge. She invented a system that shows promising potential for preventing tragic accidents as a result of small children being left behind in a hot car. Lydia intends to now spend her prize money on furthering the development of her potentially life saving innovation.

A Canceled $30,000 Wedding Turns into A Gourmet Dinner for Homeless

An almost-bride takes lemons and makes lemonade. Sarah Cummins was set to walk down the aisle but ended up cancelling her wedding the week of. With a non-refundable $30,000 wedding, she decided to take the positive route and turn it into a charity event.