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Have We Found A Cure for HIV? Stem Cell Donation Proves Huge Success

Hopes of a cure for HIV have never been higher after a second patient was successfully cured through a bone marrow transplant. It’s already been over ten years since the first victory for this case. That’s right, 2006 marked a pivotal moment where Timothy Brown from the United States got shipped to Berlin. What did he do there? None other than trump the deadly virus, for the first-ever time. So, how did this remarkable breakthrough happen? Find out here.
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12-Year-Old Student Wins $20,000 for Inventing Life-Saving Technology

Lydia Denton, a 12 year old student won the grand prize of $20,000 at this year's CITGO Fueling Education Student Challenge. She invented a system that shows promising potential for preventing tragic accidents as a result of small children being left behind in a hot car. Lydia intends to now spend her prize money on furthering the development of her potentially life saving innovation.
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