How More and More of Hollywood’s Elite Are Doubling as Environmental Activists

It’s the responsibility of mankind to make this world a better place than how we found it. Being able to create a positive impact is important regardless of your social status. But, when your audience is global, it’s that much easier for your voice and message to be heard. Celebrities are using their platforms to do exactly this – sound the bell across the world to get everyone on board that the world needs us, and our job starts today.

The Craziest Restaurant Locations You’ll Want To Pre-Book Post-Pandemic

If 2020 has taught the world anything, it’s that we are comprised of a society that loves food and loves a good photo op with friends. Gone will be the days of turning down invitations to go out for drinks and appetizers; you never know when the world might just shut down. Here at Popular Everything, we’re here to dish out the dopest places to dine at post-pandemic.

This Abandoned Town of Castles Actually Exists and Is for Sale

When you first hear about the prospect of living in a village full of Disney-style castles, you’d assume customers would be flocking to buy one. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for the Sarot Group developers, and now they’ve faced the consequences.

40+ Photos of the Most Bizarre Natural Events That Look Too Strange To Be Real

Nature’s surprising at the best of times. But all over the world, crazy things are happening that we never would have thought was scientifically possible. Turns out, we’ve been lied to all along. Weird natural wonders and unexplainable phenomenons aren’t the stuff of science-fiction. We’re showing you the most alien-like stuff that goes on at planet Earth. But we must warn you; it’s also a dazzling display of nature’s magic.

Australia’s Art Community Are Urging the Government to Tackle the Exploitation of Aboriginal Artists

Australia has an exploitation issue with regard to Aboriginal artists. 21 artists, gallerists, and art centers have come forward urging the government to take immediate action about the growing injustices being committed. Exploitative practices have taken place before, which resulted in the Indigenous Art Code (IAC) but insiders say that this isn’t enough. Vulnerable people of the indigenous community continue to be taken advantage of.