Love Is Blind: Everything You Need To Know About Season Two of Your Favorite Show

Sun Sep 12 2021

Season Two Is Reportedly Coming to Our Screens in Late 2021 or Early 2022

The time is almost nigh. Stock up your house with snacks, get your crying tissues at the ready, and be prepared to virtually head back into the pods… because Love Is Blind season two is on its way! We don’t quite know how we’ve managed a year without this show, but you’ll be happy to know that a second season has been confirmed by Netflix. Can we get a hallelujah from the back?

The first season saw unlucky-in-love hopefuls leave their superficial thoughts behind as they tried to find love with a complete stranger – but there was a twist. They weren’t allowed to set eyes on their potential new love without first getting engaged right there and then. And as these newlyweds tried to battle life with people who might not have necessarily been their physical types, drama ensued. A lot of it. So what do we know about season two so far?

Although it’s great news that everyone’s favorite show will be heading back to Netflix, you might want to start meditating or practice some mindfulness as you wait – because it’s going to be a tense one. There’s been no official date for season two as of yet, but we do know that it’s definitely coming. In fact, Netflix confirmed in 2020 that they had commissioned a further two seasons of the show after the incredible success of season one!

However, it has been noted that filming is already happening right this second and that contestants have already made their way into the pods. With this in mind, it’s been suggested that if Netflix were to say on its normal filming-and-post-production schedule, we should see Damian and Giannina 2.0 on our screens in late 2021 or early 2021. Considering season one came out near Valentine’s day in 2020, 2020 seems to be more likely.

This Time, the Contestants Will Be From Chicago Rather Than Atlanta

If you cast your mind back to season one, you’ll know that Love Is Blind offered something that many other reality dating shows don’t. Instead of choosing contestants from far afield in the hopes that they can maintain a long-distance relationship, they shortened their range and only chose participants from Atlanta, Georgia. And when you think about it, that makes a lot of practical sense.

However, season two is reportedly going to be a little bit different. Instead of keeping their pods in Atlanta, the production team has made their way to the Windy City in the hopes of finding their loved-up contestants. The season will take place in Chicago, Illinois, and features a whole new batch of hopefuls. So, if you live in Chicago, keep an eye out for any camera crews and couples. And if you get any juicy goss before the season airs, let us know…