The Singer Behind the Hit Song “Drivers License” Just Got Her First Parking Ticket

Wed Apr 14 2021

We started off 2021 with Olivia Rodrigo’s hit single stuck in our heads. How could we let an 18-year-old who only just got her driver’s license consume our music intake and give us all the feels? Clearly, she did something right because her song “Drivers License” hit the Rolling Stones Top 100 Song Chart, breaking the record previously held by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. But now, this new driving diva has faced some hard realities.

Looks like Olivia has been singing too many sad songs while driving and has been ignoring the road signs in front of her. She sings about how she drives through the suburbs but never about parking, so it probably makes sense why she’s just received her very first parking ticket. Welcome to the real world honey, it’s time to pay your dues. Literally.

How It Started

If only we were genius enough to turn our teenage heartbreaks into songs that were number one on the charts for eight consecutive weeks. Olivia was smart enough to do it, and it worked out considerably well. She has stated that the song is about a real-life experience of hers – yes, actually driving around her neighborhood listening to sad songs and crying; something that most of us aren’t brave enough to admit.

But what she hasn’t given any insight on is if the speculations about her love triangle with her former costar Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter were the real reason she was driving around and sobbing. Previously, Olivia’s said that getting her driver’s license was a sad experience because of the emotional meaning that was attached to it. But also because it took her four times for her to become a fully certified driver.

How It’s Going

Since getting her license during the summer of 2020, Olivia had yet to have a run-in with the law. We’re sure since then she’s just been driving around listening to sad songs, like her own, and possibly still stalking her ex-boyfriend’s residence as well. But like anyone else, it’s inevitable to be invincible against the curse of the parking violation. And the time has come for Olivia Rodrigo to face this same music.

Now, nine months later – Olivia has received her first parking violation, issued by the city of Los Angeles. We can only wonder where she was stopped? Was it the no parking zone outside of her ex’s house? Either way, even Olivia admitted that driving isn’t all fun and games as she snapped a quick picture of her ticket for her Instagram followers. Maybe this will be the inspiration for her next song, about how adulting is so hard.