The Untold Story of Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Her Younger Sister Lee

Sun Mar 20 2022

This article was originally published on Popular Everything and has been republished to The Tea Chat with permission.

Jackie O and her sister Lee were easily a couple of the most glamorous women on the planet. The two seemed like the best of friends, as far as the public was concerned. But what the public didn’t know was that they had a bitter rivalry between them, and in hindsight, we can see why.

It came as a shock to many to learn that Jackie left her supposedly dear sister out of her will. But, for those who know the real story, it wasn’t shocking news at all. People close to the Kennedys knew just how toxic things were between the two. Siblings often get competitive, but these sisters took things to a whole new level.

They Started Out as Friends

Jackie was born on July 28, 1929, four years before her sister, Lee. They lived in the South Hamptons. Their father, John, was a Wall Street Stock Broker, and their mother worked at the Washington Tome-Herald as an aspiring photographer. Their father’s life choices drove him out of the picture.

Jackie sided with her father when their family split. However, she ended up living in the care of her mother before eventually moving out and living on her own. Their mother was able to find love a second time around and got remarried. Pictured above is Jackie and Lee on the left, and just Jackie on the right.

Competition in the Household

Jackie and Lee were the best of friends. They did everything together. Although their bond was seemingly unbreakable, the two had a strong sense of competition between each other. Fame, fortune, and fabulosity came with a whole set of consequences.

The two women were determined to be the most famous, powerful, and wealthy women on the planet. But they both understood that only one person could ever be the best, so the competition was on. Although the sisters were best friends, they went to great lengths to constantly outdo each other. There were many times when their actions came at the expense of the others’ feelings.

Mom’s Definition of Success

Some speculate that their mother pushed them to compete against each other by favoring one of her daughters over the other. Janet Lee Bouvier was a Manhattan-born socialite who was said to be serious and authoritarian, as well as a total social climber.

She raised them to strive for the best and to be winners. As far as she was concerned, they needed to marry well and into big and important families. And that’s exactly what they did. But she couldn’t have foreseen just how successful her daughters would be in that regard.

Mom and Dad Liked Jackie More

Janet would tell Jackie and Lee she never wanted them to be pitted against each other. But at the same time, she had clear favoritism over Jackie, the eldest. And it wasn’t just their mother who preferred Jackie – their father held the same favoritism over his eldest, having described her as “the most beautiful daughter a man ever had.”

Janet recognized just how charming Jackie was and prepared her during childhood for marrying into an important family. Jackie particularly excelled at learning languages, picking up French, Spanish, and Italian, as well as English. One teacher stated that she was “a darling child, the prettiest little girl, very clever, very artistic, and full of the devil.”

Jackie Had Doubts About Marrying JFK

Jackie got her way into the wealthy Kennedy family. But it wasn’t so much because Jackie and John were in love but rather because they belonged to the same social circle. They were also both Catholic, and their families approved of such a marriage taking place between their families.

Love wasn’t something that was prioritized, but Jackie and John were still said to have been attracted to one another upon meeting for the first time. John was busy running for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts when he proposed to Jackie, but she took her time to decide. After a month, she accepted to marry JFK, in what was going to be the social event of the season.

Jackie’s Little Sister Is Jealous

Jackie and John had a big and glamorous society wedding, which left Jackie’s sister Lee feeling pretty jealous. She felt as though she had lost against her sister now that Jackie was going to become the First Lady. A friend of hers at the time remembers her saying, “How can I compete with that? It’s all over for me.”

Of course, Lee was worried about having to spend the rest of her life living in his sister’s shadow. And not to mention, being the sister-in-law of a political powerhouse meant restrictions on her life, too. As she once said later in life: “There were so many things I couldn’t do when my brother-in-law was president.”

Lee Does Her Own Social Climbing

Lee definitely felt like she had been dealt the short stick in life. “My mother endlessly told me I was too fat, that I wasn’t a patch on my sister. It wasn’t much fun growing up with her and her almost irrational social climbing in that huge house of my dull stepfather Hughdie Auchincloss in Washington.”

Despite the exclusion and favoritism, Lee pushed herself to find her mother’s version of success. She ended up marrying Stanislaw Radziwill, a Polish prince, and earned herself the title “princess.” But it wasn’t a happy marriage and there wasn’t much love. Her next lover was right around the corner and was about to cause huge issues.

Jackie and JFK’s Love Was Conditional

Jackie’s marriage to JFK was deteriorating, and he was having several affairs outside of their relationship. It is thought by many that she stayed with John for the money, which provided her with security. Aside from that, she is thought to have had a serious shopping habit, and that didn’t come cheap.

She had been considering a divorce but was allegedly bribed to stay in the marriage. After all, the people loved JFK, but they loved Jackie more. The American icon got her husband countless presidential votes and ended up being a powerful political tool. Her sister Lee on the other hand didn’t feel the need to marry into politics…

There Was a Man in the Middle

The Polish princess began an affair with Aristotle Onassis. He was one of the wealthiest men in the world and showered Lee with presents and jewelry. Lee didn’t care who knew about it and more or less flaunted the affair. She was winning, and Jackie knew it… but then something more happened. Lee had fallen in love for real.

Whether what happened next was due to sibling competition, or whether it was because of something more, is still debated to this day. Sadly for Lee, Jackie found a way to take first place once more, and this time it really stung. It definitely left a bitter taste in Lee’s mouth.

Jackie Meets Her Sister’s Side Piece

Jackie had been pregnant, but sadly her and JFK’s son was born prematurely and passed away only three days after he came into this world. Jackie and John were devasted, and to try and lift her sister’s spirits Lee invited Jackie to Onassis’s private Greek island, Skorpios.

She intended for the holiday to be an excellent opportunity for Jackie to relax and get away from the media. She managed to convince her sister to come along, but Lee had no idea about what was going to unfold as a result. It would leave her utterly heartbroken and looking for revenge.

The Greek Billionaire Wants To Swap Sisters

Jackie traveled to Onassis’s private Greek island. She was greeted by her sister, a princess, and her boyfriend – one of the wealthiest men in the world. It is thought that Jackie’s sense of competition was sparked, and she saw Onassis as a new and exciting distraction. Before too long, Onassis’s eyes turned to Jackie.

The First Lady and Ari ended up developing a very close friendship. With the next elections coming up and all eyes on her, Jackie couldn’t make or accept any romantic advances. But a tragic event that was just around the corner would open up doors for Jackie and Ari’s relationship.

Jack’s Last Request from Jackie

JFK had asked Jackie to come with him to Dallas to help his campaign. He knew that he needed more support, and his wife held the key to the public’s heart. She also knew that she was critical for his campaign – she was the closest thing to an American Princess in history.

Jackie agreed to fly out to Dallas to join JFK, and she rarely joined him on political outings. It would end up being the single worst and most traumatic day of her entire life. Of course, she didn’t know it at the time and arrived in Dallas looking her absolute finest. She wore a bright pink Chanel skirt-suit with a matching pink pillbox hat and white gloves.

The Tragedy That Changed the Course of History

Jackie and JFK were campaigning and sitting in the backseat of an open-topped car during a presidential motorcade. That’s when shots were fired at the president, and suddenly JFK was down and unresponsive. Jackie was in total shock and tried to help save her husband.

Unfortunately, the wounds were fatal. Jackie didn’t know if she was next on the shooter’s list and ended up climbing on the back of the open-topped car on her hands and knees. She eventually got out of the vehicle, with blood splattered all across her pink Chanel suit.

Keeping the Money in the Blood Line

Jackie felt as though she was left with nothing. JFK’s family strongly wanted to keep their money in the bloodline, which would exclude Jackie from it. That did mean, however, that her children would get a nice chunk of the inheritance each. Pictured, Jackie poses for a portrait with JFK and his parents, Joseph and Rose Kennedy.

Other than that, Jackie was a free woman. As one of the most glamorous and beautiful women in America, she could date whoever she wanted. But there was one particular man she had her eye on, and her sister Lee wasn’t going to be happy to hear who it was. But there was a very good reason why Jackie ended up doing what she did – revenge.

Jackie Plans For Her Next Move

Jackie and Ari Onassis’s relationship strengthened in the years following Kennedy’s assassination. It was probably in a large part due to Jackie’s strategy of securing a life for her and her family outside of the States, seeing how dangerous it could be for her kids who carried the Kennedy name.

She was heard once saying: “If they’re killing Kennedys, then my children are targets… I want to get out of this country.” It wasn’t long before Onasis forgot about Jackie’s younger sister Lee and fell deeply in love with the more powerful and famous sister.

But Mama Didn’t Approve

Janet did not approve of Jackie and Ari’s relationship. She knew that if Onasis and Jackie were to begin an intimate relationship, her daughters would be forever pitted against each other. Pictured here we have Jackie on the right, sat next to her mother, and further along the younger sister Lee.

The thing was, their mother was totally right. But what she didn’t know was why Jackie didn’t care about hurting her little sister or ruining their relationship. Janet had no idea about what had taken place before, and why Jackie didn’t care about tearing Lee’s life apart.

Jackie’s Hand In Marriage Had a Hefty Price Tag

Onassis wanted Jackie as his wife. But Jackie had some very specific conditions in which she would agree to such a proposal. If he agreed to them, then she would go ahead and proceed with wedding arrangements and the like. They eventually reached an agreement, after several days of their lawyers in discussions.

Ari had to give each of her children $750,000, and give Jackie $2.5 million right off the bat. Jackie had to have a $30,000 monthly allowance and $20 million of Onassis’s estate if and when they passed away. Ari later said their engagement was similar to bargaining for a prized horse.

Lee Is Left Heartbroken

It may not come as a surprise to learn that Lee and Jackie stopped speaking after news of their engagement came out. Lee was in love with Ari, or at least she was in love with the richest man in the world being in love with her. And now he was going to be giving all his riches to her already more successful sister.

Lee, pictured, didn’t just have to deal with the pain of rejection from the man that she loved, or even only the fact that he preferred her sister instead. What pained her deeply was that once again, she was living in her sister’s shadow. To Lee, Jackie was always winning.

Lee Is Still Second Best Even In Her Third Marriage

Lee Continued her life as a royal and as a princess until she decided she wanted real love. Lee divorced her Polish prince and married someone else called Herbert Ross. He was an actor, director, and choreographer, who had recently been made a widow after his wife Nora passed away from cancer. “He was certainly different from anybody else I’d been involved with, and the film world sounded exciting,” Lee explained.

She continued: “Well, it wasn’t. I hated Hollywood… Herbert had been married to the ballerina Nora Kaye until she died, and unbeknownst to me was still obsessed by her. It was ‘Nora said this, Nora did it like that, Nora liked brown and orange.'” Lee didn’t know she would be living in another woman’s shadow all over again. Over this time Lee and Jackie kept in touch here and there until their mother died. After that, they lost all communication.

Jackie’s Odd Relationship With Money

One thing about Jackie that everyone could agree on was that she was very protective when it came to using her own money. She stored as much of it as she possibly could, even to the point of obsession. Her strange spending habits tell the story of a deeply worried woman.

Although she had a $30,000 allowance from Onassis, she made sure not to use a penny of it. One of the strange things that she used to do was buy clothes from expensive boutiques using Onassis‘s card, only to resell them afterward to exclusive stores and stash away the money that she earned from it.

Jackie Wasn’t Holding Up Her End of the Deal

After she married Onassis, she was supposed to live in Greece with him. That had been the plan all along, and that’s what Onassis had expected to be the case. But once they were a married couple, Ari found that she wasn’t coming over to Europe all that much, for all that long.

Jackie ended up spending most of her time with her children in New York. It definitely caused friction between the couple, as Onassis was very unhappy with this arrangement. After all the things he had done for Jackie, he hardly got to see her or spend time with her. This wasn’t part of the deal.

Onassis Grows Suspicious and Investigates

The Greek Billionaire wanted to get out of his and Jackie’s prenuptial agreements. He believed that Jackie had been hiding away her money, and had grown bitter feelings towards her. Unfortunately for him, his desire to divorce Jackie coincided with the diagnosis of his long-term neuromuscular disease, myasthenia gravis.

He was ready to file for divorce but he suffered from a heart attack and passed away before he could get to it. Jackie had reportedly spent a whopping $1.5 million in the first year of their marriage, and he eventually figured out that she was using him for his deep pockets.

Jackie’s $26 Million

Once again, another man in her life had passed away and left her financially insecure. Jackie was in a particularly vulnerable state because she wasn’t Greek – the law prohibited non-Greek surviving spouses from inheriting too much. It was proving to be a problem that wasn’t solving itself anytime soon.

Finally, after two years of back and forth with lawyers, Jackie accepted a settlement of $26 million. Christina Onassis, the daughter and only heir of the shipping magnate, had offered Jackie the lump sum on the condition that she would drop any other claims to her late husband’s estate. Luckily for Jackie, they hadn’t divorced before his death. If they had, she would have walked away with nothing.

Not a Word to Lee

By this time, Jackie was worth a whopping $200 million. She moved back to the states permanently, which allowed her to spend more time with her children in Manhattan. But she also spent a lot of her time at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts – just one of the perks of being the late president’s wife!

However, not everything had resumed to normal. Jackie and Lee had still not said a word to each other since the day that Lee learned about her sister’s engagement to Onassis. Jackie had gained $26 million in her bank account but lost a relationship with one of her dear sisters.

Falling Very Ill

Despite not having her sister by her side, Jackie was busy settling into her new life, which just so happened to have a lot of similarities to her old life. She was living in her Fifth Avenue apartment when suddenly, something didn’t feel right. Jackie started to feel sick.

It was winter when things got so bad she decided to go to the doctor to discuss her symptoms. Sadly, she was diagnosed then and there as having non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a deadly cancer of the blood. It gave her terrible stomach pains and swollen lymph nodes under her jaw, and she had to start a course of chemotherapy. But it didn’t help in the end, as she passed away only five months later in 1994.

Everyone Except for Lee

News of Jackie’s death came as a shock to the world, and there was tons of speculation about the will she left behind. Everyone wanted to know how much she had and who was going to get a chunk of what. Considering how she wasn’t on speaking terms with her sister Lee, people wanted to know if she was mentioned at all.

Unsurprisingly, Jackie’s kids were at the receiving end of her financial assets. They got everything, and Jackie’s sister Lee wasn’t given anything. But strangely, Lee was mentioned in the will, and people couldn’t believe what Jackie had to say about her little sister.

Jackie’s Explanation for Leaving Lee Out

Jackie purposefully excluded her sister from her will. The millionaire left Lee absolutely nothing and even made a statement about why she left her nothing. She wrote: “I have made no provision in this my Will for my sister, Lee B. Radziwill, for whom I have great affection because I have already done so during my lifetime.”

Such a statement was incredibly shocking to the public. Since she was not leaving Lee anything, she didn’t need to make a statement about her. And Jackie was all too aware that anything she said would make its way out to the public for the world to see. Jackie wanted people to know something about her younger sister.

Lee and Jack F Kennedy’s Fling

A good friend of Jackie, esteemed writer Gore Vidal spoke of this rivalry saying that this all stemmed from Lee allegedly sleeping with Jack Kennedy. Vidal wrote that Jackie said: “There were times when … I think (Lee) went perhaps too far.” That was one way of putting it!

According to Vidal Jackie continued: “…Like going to bed with Jack in the room next to mine in the south of France and then… boasting about it.” From this admission, it sounds as though Jackie is giving all of the blame to her younger sister and none to her husband.

Jackie Was Silent but Deadly

Despite what Lee had done to Jackie, Jackie proved to be just as capable of carrying out sweet revenge. But she had a different approach to Lee and was not as obvious as her younger sister. Jackie knew how to get her revenge in a silent but painful way.

Stealing the man Lee was in love with was the ultimate revenge she could ever get on her sister. Onassis spoke to Lee about marriage before he met Jackie. Lee was ready to stop everything for Onassis. Now, she never speaks his name, no matter how many interviewers begged her to.

Jackie and Lee Had Little Time

The truth is, the sisters could have repaired their relationship had they had time on their side. But in reality, Jackie and her little sister had little time to reconcile. When Jackie found out about her cancer, it was already at an extremely aggressive stage, and her health deteriorated quickly. 

Sadly, the girls never made up, even though they had at times shared a close relationship and seemingly cared for each other deeply. Lee once exclaimed: “Regrets? I think everyone has regrets, and people who say they haven’t are either liars… or narcissists.” It’s not a stretch to imagine one of them being about her broken relationship with her big sister, Jackie.

Marilyn Comes Into the Picture

It is generally understood that Jackie knew what was going on behind closed doors with her powerful husband. She played the role of a quiet, shy housewife and gave the Kennedy’s a much-needed boost in popularity. But she hid her sharp mind behind all of it and most probably knew that John was having an affair with actress Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn and John had met at a party before John was elected president, and kept in touch ever since that meeting. According to JFK author Edward Klein, “Jackie always acted as though she did not notice what Jack was up to, even though only a blind person could have missed his flagrant behavior.”

Why JFK Jr. Went Public With Jackie

Marilyn Monore was certainly very charming and knew how to keep all eyes on her. She had John and every other man running after her. However, her charm and beauty were not strong enough to make her the center of John’s attention.

He was a man who put his public image ahead of everything else, because of his political career. A woman like Marilyn Monore was no first lady, and John was well aware that that was the case. It is understood that that’s why he chose to go public with Jackie, and not with seductive Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn and John Still Kept in Touch

There came a time when John had to get more serious about his political career and put all of his raucous shenanigans to bed. Still, he found a way to make room for Miss Marilyn Monroe in his life. They would meet secretly and were more than capable of evading the paparazzi.

John was also aware that his wife understood what was going on. The married couple avoided the elephant in the room for their own purposes. A cheating scandal could ruin John’s presidency and divorce would cut Jackie out of any financial picture on Kennedy’s side.

Marilyn’s Attempt to Win Her Man

But Marilyn wasn’t that easy push aside, and she made sure to put up a fight the man she wanted. Marilyn attended John’s birthday party when he was president, even if it was short notice. People from their social circle have said that she dropped whatever job she had going on and flew to the party to try and curry favor with the president.

What she did at John’s birthday celebration has gone down in history. She got up on the stage and sang “Happy Birthday” to John in an especially suggestive way, and it’s become one of the most defining moments of her short life. But Marilyn only cared about seducing John at the time.

JFK Breaks it Off With Sex Symbol Marilyn

After the sex symbol pulled that somewhat unsuitable stunt at the president’s birthday, John was left with no decision other than to call off their whole affair. As far as the public officially knew, they had met a total of four times at various events. He couldn’t let everyone in on his secret sordid affair.

Most of all, John was scared that his political career would be ruined along with his reputation as an honest man. After all, Jackie brought a lot of integrity to his family name and he couldn’t risk all of that going down the drain. Rather coldly, he told Marilyn never to call and or speak to him ever again.

Jackie Avoided Humiliation

When Jackie discovered that Marilyn would be attending and possibly performing at her husband’s birthday party, she wisely decided to skip town and go horseback riding instead. Jackie was a tough woman who was not going to take public humiliation.

But the truth was, everyone was talking about the rumors regarding JFK Jr. and Marilyn Monroe. It wasn’t exactly a secret, but it also wasn’t confirmed or proved. Still, Jackie felt as though just Marilyn’s presence at the birthday event would make her appear foolish.

Marilyn Was Heartbroken and Was Not Going to Keep Quiet

Members of the White House staff have recalled the late Marilyn’s incessant calling. Apparently, she would call as many presidential lines as she could get a hold of. Sadly for her, she was constantly ignored and was told that John did not want to speak to her.

Marilyn was hopelessly in love with JFK and his constant rejection left her feeling helpless. In a last ditch attempt to talk to the president, she sent a message saying that if she didn’t hear anything from him within a certain amount of time, she was going to talk to the press.

Bobby Kennedy to The Rescue

John was terrified that Marilyn would go public with the details of their secret affair. He sent over the one man he could trust, Robert Kennedy, to fix the issue. Rob was younger than John by several years, but exceedingly successful in his own right. After all, he was a Kennedy.

Robert flew in to try and work things out with Marilyn. He was going to try and find a way to keep her quiet and keep JFK’s public image intact. They didn’t expect for things to turn out how they eventually did. but things went in a completely different direction.

Bobby and Marilyn Saw Each Other a Lot

Behind closed doors, Bobby and Marilyn began their own secret relationship. It had long been speculated, but only a few short years ago did the public first get confirmation of it. Jean Kennedy Smith, the Kennedys’ younger sister, had written a letter to Marilyn that mentioned the affair. That letter went up for auction in 2016.

Jean wrote: “Understand that you and Bobby are the new item,” and added that, “We all think you should come with him when he comes back East!” Bobby was a married man, but it seems none of the Kennedy brothers could resist Marilyn’s charms. Before long, Bobby’s wife caught on to their romance and made him call the whole thing off.

Marilyn Was Heartbroken Once Again

Marilyn was both angry and heartbroken that Bobby also decided to call it time on their relationship. Once again, she found herself calling the White House over and over again, trying to get a hold of Bobby. She wanted him back, but he was icing her out just like John did.

Apparently, Marilyn was particularly determined to speak to him on the phone even though she wasn’t given access to him. Marilyn would find herself calling several days in a row at all hours, but she was only met with hostility. No one would forward her to the man she loved.

Marilyn Passed Away

Marilyn Monroe had tragically passed away in the middle of the night when she was only 36 years old. It wasn’t clear at the time, and still isn’t 100% clear, exactly why she passed away so young. But we do know that she had taken some sedative medication and suffered some complications because of it.

In fact, she had previously experienced some complications with medication that lead to a near-death situation in the past. However, she was able to call for help the previous times. Marilyn’s passing was a total tragedy, but what was found in her hand was especially alarming.

Marilyn Held a White House Number

According to people in the know, Marilyn was found with a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. It’s known that the paper had a number on it, but some people claim that the number she was holding was a line to the White House. This was somewhat confirmed by the Los Angeles chief of detectives’ aide, who said: “It was determined that she had called John Kennedy just before she died.”

But there is a lot of speculation as to what the circumstances were the night she passed away. Had she purposefully taken too much medication? Why is a number related to the White House the thing she was found clutching? The public had to make do with having few answers.

Jackie Was Competing With Ethel

Jackie seemed to the public as though she was impossibly fabulous and stylish, and was one of the most admired women of the day. But it came at a cost; all the public and media attention that she had was quite hard for her sister-in-law, Ethel, to handle.

Jackie was always the center of attention and was used to being so, ever since she was a little girl. Ethel is known to have enjoyed being the center of attention, but she rarely got that chance with Jackie around. But Ethel had one strength over Jackie – she was accepted by the Kennedy family far quicker than Jackie.

Jackie’s Strong Sense of Family

Jacke and John were definitely very, very different from each other. But even with all of the affairs that JFK was having, Jackie remained very family-oriented. John was president while the Cuban Missile Crisis was heating up, so he was very busy all the time. But Jackie kept the kids’ best interests in mind.

Some historians say that this was the closest that people had gotten to starting a nuclear war worldwide. Jackie insisted that if anything were to happen she and the kids wanted to stay with John. She told reporters that she would not go to Camp David, but that she would stay with her husband.

Jackie Refused to Change Out of Bloodstained Clothes

Even though Lady Bird Johnson offered her a change of clothes at Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing-in, Jackie refused. She wanted to wear her blood-stained outfit to show the world what was happening. She said; “Oh no, I want them to see what they’ve done to John.”

After that, Jackie’s pink suit was sent to the National Archives in the US for safe-keeping. Even to this day, it still has JFK’s bloodstains on it. In 2003, Caroline Kennedy agreed to allow her mother’s iconic suit to be displayed under one condition. They would have to wait until an entire century had passed.

She Took a Month to Agree to Marry JFK Jr.

Around the time he proposed, Kennedy was busy running for the U.S. Senate. After his election in November, the relationship with Jackie grew more serious and he proposed marriage to her. But it took Jackie some time to accept his hand in marriage.

Jackie had a very good reason for wanting to delay her answer. She had been assigned to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London for The Washington Times-Herald, and it was a big opportunity. But after a month in the UK, she flew home to give JFK Jr. the good news.

Jackie’s Famous Quote About Marriage

Jackie O. experienced three marriages in total throughout her life. She’s been through her fair share of tragedies, relationship complications, and media scandals. But after all the things she’s been through, she’s learned some life lessons along the way. This incredible quote of hers reflects her exact behavior when it came to marrying a man.

“The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship.” Looking back over her life, it’s not too much to assume that this logic could be applied to her own marriages. And it’s very telling as to where her head was at with all three of her serious life partners.

Jackie’s battle with Onassis and the Hustler Magazine Scandal

Something that Onassis didn’t like about the former first lady was her behavior in the public eye. As far as he was concerned, she was making him look foolish in the eyes of the public. She would spend more time with everyone else except for him. So he came up with a plan...

He gave ten photographers a map and a schedule of when Jackie would be visiting the beach. The paparazzi got pictures of her tanning in the nude and they wound up on Hustler Magazine. Jackie was furious and ordered him to sue the magazine, not knowing he was the one behind it all. But all Onassis did was respond to Jackie with divorce papers.

Ari Was Seeing Maria Callas on the Side

Ari wasn’t only dating Jackie, however, despite the fact that they had married each other. He was also having an affair with the singer Maria Callas, and their love life was all over the media. Arie made no effort to hide the fact that he was dating two of the most beautiful women in the world at the same time.

Once again, Jackie found herself being cheated on by the man she was married to. This deeply hurt her ego, but she was calm, cool, and collected about it nonetheless. It wasn’t her style to be loud and angry about it. Rather, Jackie was always willing to play the game, trying to come out on top.

Jackie Secretly Warns Maria to Stay Away

Jackie knew how to exert her dominance in subtle but effective ways. One day when Jackie was out of town, Ari was pictured at a restaurant with his sidepiece Maria. Jackie saw the photos and forced him to go to the same restaurant with her and sit at the exact same table that he sat at with Maria.

We can imagine that Ari must have felt pretty awkward about the whole thing. But Jackie had a plan in action – she arranged for the paparazzi to take a picture of her and Ari at the table, for it to be printed in the press. This was Jackie’s way of showing Maria that no matter what, she was in charge.

Why Maria Never Married Ari

Before Ari met Jackie and did his best to woo her, he was trying to get the singer Maria Callas to marry and fall in love with him. She was very fond of Ari, but had already been through a divorce once before. It’s thought that she was too scared at the idea of ever getting married again.

But Ari was set getting married and wouldn’t just settle for dating someone. When Jackie came along, it was a stroke of good fortune that such a beautiful and important woman was single. He left his feelings for Maria behind him, and transferred them on to Jackie.

Onassis Loved Powerful Women

The thing about Ari is that he had a thing for powerful or important women. Maria Callas was a stunningly gorgeous woman with a beautiful voice. According to her, Maria’s Sagittarius tendencies made it hard for her to commit. She always told Ari that she wouldn’t marry him and that he was entitled to love other people.

While she did the right thing and let Ari know there wasn’t going to be a big future for the both of them, this response drove Ari crazy and only made him want her more. She also said that she needed to focus on her career and that a controlling husband like Ari would not allow it. Perhaps she had a point.

Jackie Always Wanted More Out of Life

Even when Jackie was a little girl, she always had big dreams. But it wasn’t easy growing up at the time that she did. She was expected to be a quintessential “woman,” which meant child-rearing, homemaking, and being a good wife to a husband. But she never quite agreed with that.

Later in life, she is quoted as having said: “What is sad for women of my generation is that they weren’t supposed to work if they had families.” But Jackie loved working and did so right up until her death. “What were they going to do when the children are grown – watch the raindrops coming down the window pane?”

Jackie’s Mother Stands Up for Her

Jackie O’s mother heard about her daughter being a troublemaker in school. Most mothers scold their children for such behavior but, Jackie’s mom backed her up saying that her little girl was only misbehaving because she finished her work so quickly and she became bored.

After all, a former teacher of hers is quoted as calling the young Jackie “very smart.” But since she wasn’t especially encouraged to go down an academic route, she focused her attention on other activities. She loved riding horses, she had impeccable style, and she had always wanted to be a journalist. Later in life, she would enter into a related career.

Jackie’s Love of French

Jackie definitely had an affinity for French culture throughout her life. In her younger days, she spent her junior year in France at the University of Grenoble and at the Sorbonne in Paris. She had enrolled in a study abroad program in order to get to know the French culture, language, and the country better.

She completed her schooling and earned herself a Bachelor of Arts degree in French Literature at George Washington University. During her college days, she also won a year-long junior editorship position at Vogue magazine, which was highly sought after. But part of that job was to live in Paris for six months, which Jackie loved.

Jackie Had Other Dreams

Jackie also harbored ambitions when it came to photography. She wanted to work as a photographer for a while and tried her luck at Vogue magazine. Jackie actually started an internship at Vogue to work on her photography skills, but ended up quitting after only one day.

Apparently, her boss told her to quit because, according to her, working would ruin Jackie’s chances of getting married. It’s sad to see how restrictive the world around Jackie was. She was once quoted as saying: “I always wanted to be some kind of writer or newspaper reporter. But after college… I did other things.”

Jackie Tried Again

But Jackie had a little bit more fight in her before she gave up on the dream entirely. After her brief stint as an intern at Vogue magazine, she got a job working as a receptionist at the Washington Times-Herald and soon found herself promoted to being a photographer.

The official title she was given was “Inquiring photographer,” due to her inquisitive job role. Jackie was in charge of stopping random people on the street and interviewing them about their thoughts on the current political climate. Even from a young age, she was politically charged.

Jackie’s Love Before JFK

Jackie had experienced love before she met the future president, JFK. She had actually been engaged to a stockbroker briefly, named John G. W. Husted Jr. After only a month of dating each other the couple announced the big news in the New York Times in 1952.

But it wasn’t long before the whole thing was called off. After only three months of their engagement, Jackie wanted out of the relationship after having gotten to know the guy better. She claimed he was “immature and boring” and it simply wasn’t what she had in mind for herself.

Jackie Spends $50,000 in One Day

There was one job that Jackie was given during her years by JFK’s side. After her husband became the president of the United States, it was Jackie’s official job as the First Lady to restore, revamp, and redecorate the White House. And it was totally a job she was up for.

In fact, on the very first day in the White House with her brand new “job,” Jackie managed to spend a total of $50,000 on the renovations. She was serious about getting stylish and making sure that the President’s home looks the part.

Jackie Wins an Emmy Despite Having Never Acted

Although Jackie was not an actress she wound up getting an Emmy Award for her presentation of the newly restored White House on CBS News. She took the camera crew on a tour of the presidential home, and it raked in 56 million viewers in America.

While giving the tour, Jackie stated: “I feel so strongly that the White House should have as fine a collection of American pictures as possible. It’s so important… the setting in which the presidency is presented to the world, to foreign visitors. The American people should be proud of it. We have such a great civilization. So many foreigners don’t realize it. I think this house should be the place we see them best.”

Jackie Opened a School in the White House

We all know that media coverage can be brutal, but you might have forgotten that it was just as ruthless then as it is now. All of the newspapers and magazines had something to say about Jackie and her husband, the new president, JFK. This made it difficult for Jackie’s daughter at school.

Jackie took her role as a mother very seriously. She decided to create an entire floor of the White House and devote it to kids’ education. it was a place for her children to feel safe, and all White House officials were invited to bring their children there: “Like any President’s wife I’m here for only a brief time. And before everything slips away, before every link with the past is gone, I want to do this.”

Jackie Got Criticized For Pricey Clothing

Jackie is thought by many to have had the best style out of her time and might have been the best dressed first lady that anyone’s ever seen. She wore expensive French clothing, which at the time, was exceedingly uncommon for a first lady to wear.

Joseph Kennedy introduced Jackie to American designer Oleg Cassini, and Oleg ended up creating over 300 outfits for the glamorous style icon. He called himself “The Secretary of Style,” which is obviously a name Jackie would stand behind. That being said, she did raise a lot of eyebrows for her very expensive fashion splurges.

Jackie and the Queen Had Issues

When Jackie and JFK went to meet Queen Elizabeth, they appear to have insulted her during their time at Buckingham Palace. Basically, the Kennedys had some criticisms of the Queen after they met, and those words got back to Her Majesty.

Fashion photographer Cecil Beaton claimed that John “was unimpressed by the palace furnishings and by the Queen’s dress and hairstyle,” while friend and writer Gore Vidal claimed that she heard Jackie describe Queen Elizabeth as “pretty heavy going.

Jackie and JFK’s Special Doctor

For those of you that didn’t know, Jackie and JFK had a special doctor that would travel with them and help them feel awake when they were jetlagged. Apparently, he gave them mixtures of amphetamines and vitamins that would not be approved of in this day and age.

Some people believe that the “medications” were given for their bad meeting with the Queen of England. Apparently, Jackie would have only badmouthed Her Majesty as she did if she was under the influence of something and totally not her usual self.

Jackie Dated Winston Churchill’s Son

Whether or not Jackie was less than polite about the Queen due to her medication or not, she ended up clearing the bad air between them, allegedly by apologizing profusely. Proof that Jackie was able to make up with the Queen lies in the relationship she had with Winston Churchill’s son, Randolph Churchill.

Their romance started a while after JFK’s passed away, but it wasn’t to last and ended fairly shortly after. Some people speculate that she called off their relationship as she was no longer interested in the life of politics, and dating Churchill’s son was flying a little too close to the sun for her liking.

The Public Sinner?

When Jackie got married to Ari Onassis, she was harshly criticized. The media labeled her a “public sinner,” as Ari had been married previously to Athina Livanos, then divorced. People thought that Jackie might end up getting excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church.

But eventually, that was dismissed by the archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Richard Cushing, who claimed that those rumors were “nonsense.” But that didn’t stop the paparazzi from hounding her. It was during this period of time that she earned herself the nickname, Jackie O.

Jackie Never Stopped Working

After Ari Onassis died, Jackie moved back to New York and found herself a Job. She worked as a book editor for years, even though she had the means to retire. But as we’ve come to learn, Jackie had an incredibly strong work ethic and loved keeping busy.

During her time as an editor, she edited several books about her former husband and former US president JFK. She was 64 years old when she passed away from cancer, and amazingly was working right up until her very last day alive. For Jackie, a job gave you purpose in life.

The Best Gift She Ever Got

There was one special present that stayed in Jackie’s mind all of her life. The president of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayub Khan, once gave Jackie a horse as a gift, whose name was Sardar. Not only had Jackie loved riding horses, but her mother had been a very talented horsewoman. Her love of equestrians was in her blood.

The generous gift was given to Jackie during one of her visits to Pakistan, where she went horse riding with President Khan. It was later that evening that Muhammad Ayub Khan offered the former first lady the horse. It was ten years old at the time and well-trained, and it was a gift that Jackie loved dearly.